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Direct Connect


Direct Connect is a way of controlling and programming your Marty directly over the “Marty Setup” WiFi network that Marty makes when he's not connected to a different network.

It can be useful in situations where Marty is out and about, or where you don't want to go through the WiFi setup process. However, you won't be connected to the internet while you're connected to Marty directly, so for most use cases we still recommend connecting Marty to a network or using a command hub.

If you are using direct connect, there are some basic rules that must always be followed!


Direct Connect Quick Start

Basic Rules

  • Connect only one device to Marty at a time
  • Clear Marty’s WiFi settings first
  • Only one scratch window

1. Clear WiFi settings using the app Connect mobile device to Marty Setup network.

  • Click the “Reset WiFi” button in the “Marty the Robot” app and wait for confirmation.
  • This step is important for a stable connection
  • If there is no “Marty Setup” network, connect your phone to the same network as Marty, select “Scan for Martys”, select your Marty, then select “Reset WiFi”

2. Disconnect phone from Marty

  • Only connect one device at a time to Marty

3. Load Scratch Direct connect on computer

4. Connect computer to Marty Setup network

5. Double click on "Direct Connect" button in Scratch

6. Connection light will turn green when connected. Start using Marty by double clicking the “Get Ready” block.

Marty Direct Connect

When you don’t want to, or can’t set up Marty on a WiFi network, you can connect to Marty directly, using the Marty Setup network

Basic Rules

  • Connect only one device to Marty at a time
  • Clear the WiFi settings first
  • Only one scratch window

Step 1) Clear Marty’s WiFi Settings

1. Download the “Marty the Robot” app onto your mobile device

2. Turn your Marty on using the switch on the back

3. After 10 seconds connect your mobile device to the “Marty Set-up ######” WiFi network

4. Open the Marty the Robot app and click the “Reset WiFi” button

5. Disconnect your mobile device from the “Marty Setup” Network

If there is no Marty Setup WiFi

Marty can only remember one WiFi network at a time. If there is no “Marty Setup” network available, your Marty may be connected to an available WiFi network already. To disconnect your Marty, follow the below instructions:

1. Connect your mobile device to the suspected local network

2. Select “Scan for Martys”, when your Marty appears click on it and select “Reset WiFi”

Step 2) Accessing ScratchX

1. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet

2. Load ScratchX for Marty by opening Chrome or Firefox and typing into the URL bar.

3. Without reloading the Scratch webpage, now disconnect your computer from the internet and connect your computer to the “Marty Setup ######” network. (Note - this network should have no internet access).

4. Within the Scratch web page, double click on the “Direct Connect” button within the more blocks section of the Scratch block selector.

5. Scratch will connect to Marty. The status lights will turn green if connection is successful:

6. You can now control Marty directly, with Scratch

7. Make sure you use a “Get Ready” block first when you start a Marty program!

If direct connection is unstable

Check that you have cleared the WiFi settings.

  • Disconnect your computer from the Marty Setup Network, Turn Marty off, then repeat Step 1 above to clear the WiFi Settings.

If it works for a while but then loses connection

  • Check you are still connected to the Marty Setup network
  • If you are, turn Marty off and then back on again. After about 10 seconds, reconnect your computer to the “Marty Setup” network. Marty will now re-connect to Scratch and the status lights will turn green again.
  • If you aren't, simply re-connect your computer to the “Marty Setup” network. Marty will now re-connect to Scratch and the status lights will turn green again.