Screen Free Coding

Marty can be coded using cards which can be purchased from our store here You will also need a colour sensor on your robot which can be purchased here

Using these coloured cards you can guide marty through various challenges without even using a device! With a click of a button you can start coding with cards and without using a screen, ideal for children who aren't ready for Scratch yet!

How do I enter Screen Free mode?

It's simply a case of pressing the 'A' button on the back of Marty's head (next to the power button) and you should hear a very robotic sounding “screen free” and that means Marty is in 'screen free mode'.

How does it work?

Once in this mode Marty will detect the coloured card below its foot (the colour sensor is the one that is lit up, usually attached to the left foot) and react to it according to the associated command with the colour e.g. Green = walk forwards. Be careful on deciding which surface to test this on, we've found wooden surfaces can sometimes get picked up by the colour sensor as yellow and starts making Marty walk backwards so a white surface is probably best!

How do I turn Screen Free Mode off?

You can cancel screen free mode by repeatedly tapping the 'A' button quickly until you hear a buzz, buzz whistle. Alternatively, you can turn your Marty off by holding the power button for 3+ seconds and then turn it back on again with a single press of the power button (do not hold the power button down to turn the robot on as this won't work)