Scratch Junior

Getting your Marty connected to Scratch Junior via the Marty the Robot V2 app

Step 1 Open the app in your tablet and select scratch junior in the bottom right. For more information on how to download the app follow the user guide herehomescreen.jpeg
Step 2 You will be greeted with this page. Press the home button in order to proceed.scratchjnrhome.jpegThe settings cog icon, at the top right, allows you to change the language and the ?, at the bottom, takes you to a quick scratch junior demonstration.
Step 3 Start a new project by pressing the blue add symbol underneath my projects.img_0d2db0b47166-1.jpegIf you have any previous projects, they will be displayed in this tile list.
Step 4 Press the Marty button, circled below, to use Scratch junior with Marty.
Step 5 Press “Tap to connect”, at the top left of the screen, to connect your Marty to the app.
Step 6 You will be greeted with the “Looking for Marty” screen. Select a Marty, the Marty at the top of the list should be the one that's closest to you.Lights on the back of Marty’s head will come on. Do the 3 coloured lights shown in the app match the back of your Marty? If there are multiple Martys in the room each will have different coloured lights.If yours isn't the one you initially selected simply hit “no” and try one of the other ones. If you haven’t already, you can rename your Marty to make it easier to identify by following the user guide here
Step 7 Once your Marty is connected you are good to go. Check out here for a getting started lesson with Scratch Junior.