Marty User Guides

Build Guide   Cover
Build Guide

Study the Parts Guide and check you’ve got everything you’ll need. Some parts look similar but are...

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Battery Charging Hub

Our comes with all our class packs that can be found on our shop. This charger...

Marty S Led Buttons
Intro to Marty Behavior

Turn Marty ON: a short press on the “Power Button” will turn your Marty on. Turn Marty OFF: Hold...

Connect To A Marty   Wifi
MartyBlocks over WiFi

For the Online Marty the Robot V2 Web App, please follow this link. This...

Connect To A Marty
Updating Marty

Marty can be updated over USB from computer or Bluetooth (BLE) using our Android/iOS app. We'll release...

Conectivity Led Meanings

This document will show you how to use the app to find out the status of Marty's connection and connect...

Task Runner