Colour Sensor

How to attach a Colour Sensor to your Marty

The Colour Sensor is an add-on that can be attached to Marty's foot instead of the IR sensor. The Colour sensor can be programmed to react to whatever colour it sees using Scratch.

Marty also has a “Screen Free” mode. This means that Marty will react to different colours simply by walking on them. The movements are all pre-programmed into Marty and the actions that Marty will do are written on the coloured cards that Robotical provide. To access this you press the “A” button on the back of your Marty and then Marty will react to whichever colour card can be seen.

You can buy a Colour Sensor here.

Step 1 Remove the left or right IR foot PCB from your Marty. Print
Step 2 Replace it with the colour sensor PCB, make sure the black cable is plugged in securely, and the screws are tightened. coloursensorattach.jpg
Step 3 Open the app, connect to your Marty. Print
Step 4 Click Configure. Print
Step 5 Select Add-ons. Print
Step 6 You’ll see a list of connected add-ons.
The bottom add-on shown has a type but not a name.

If you would like more information on how to utilise the colour sensor please check out screen-free coding and our lesson page.