Color Sensor

This document shows you how to get started with your color sensor.

What is the color sensor?

The color sensor does exactly what is says on the tin… senses color! Each Marty comes with a color sensor attached as standard. It is needed to use our Marty Unplugged mode and can be used in MartyBlocks and Python.

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Color Sensor Set Up

If you have not used your color sensor before you will need to configure it in our Marty The Robot v2 App. After connecting to your Marty navigate to the configure page then Add Ons. In the list of Add Ons you will see one with the type “ColourSensor”. Name the add on “LeftColourSensor” or “RightColourSensor”Then click update name


If you have removed your color sensor you can add it back again by following this video

Using the Color Sensor

If you would like to use the color sensor with Marty Unplugged please check out the user guide here.

Using the color sensor in MartyBlocks is super simple! If you haven't used MartyBlocks before you can check out our user guide here.

Navigate down the block type until you find “Sensing”. Within the sensing blocks you will find two blocks relating to the color sensor.


We can then build our own unplugged remote by building some code like this! Important to keep in mind Marty will only recognise the colors of the unplugged color cards which are green, yellow, blue, purple and red!

Image From Ios

If you would like to learn more about coding with the color sensor check out our lesson site here!

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