Before You Begin

These articles are for Marty the Robot version 1

If you've received your Marty after 2020 it's likely you have a version 2!

Welcome to your Marty build!

For the smoothest, easiest build, we’d recommend using this online Build Guide alongside the printed paper one that came in your Marty’s box. While you’ll do fine with just the paper guide, this online guide has extra tips and details to make your build experience easier.

Before you begin:

Study the Parts Guide and check you’ve got everything you’ll need. Some parts look similar but are slightly different – for example, the Leg Links and Servo Leg Links, and the Servo Holders and Servo Mounts.

Also check you have the correct tools:

  • The screwdriver supplied within your Marty kit fits all the bolts and screws you’ll need
  • Tweezers can be helpful when putting smaller parts together

We’ve also got some recommendations from experience and suggestions (thanks to mikeprotts, aritc and others):

  • Clear your workspace before you begin. A clean towel or just the box Marty came in help stop little parts from falling on the floor and vanishing from existence.

Also, we’ve thrown in some spares for the nuts & bolts, so if you end up with extras once you’ve finished, you haven’t missed a step!

In this build guide each of the step by step images have the fixings you require labelled with a orange circle and a letter. Using the Fixings Key in your Part Guide, or the image here, you can make sure you are using the right fixing, in the correct place.


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