RIC (Robot Interface Controller) Spec

Module Rev 1: ESP-WROOM (ESP32-WROOM-32D)
Rev 2: ESP-WROVER ( ESP32-WROVER-E(M213EH2864PH3Q0) )
Interfaces BLE (via ESP32)
2.4GHz WiFi (via ESP32)
USB - UART - Silicon Labs CP2101N
UART (Serial) - onboard through extension header
i2s input
Connectors 1 x USB-C
11 x JST-SH style i2c
2 x laptop-battery-connector style i2c
JST-SH style i2s input
JST-SH style extension header
6-pin keyed battery connector
2-pad interface for speaker
i2c 5v level, up to 3A intermittent, 1A sustained
With JST-SH style connectors, pin compatible with STEMMA/QWIIC (note 5v used)
8 spare connectors on RIC
daisy chainable
also present on extension header, and on two blade style connectors
Speaker Onboard i2s DAC and amp, two pad connection to Marty's onboard speaker
Power 6-pin keyed laptop-battery style connector to Robotical battery, or USB power
I2C 5v is sourced from battery only
5v on extension connector is powered from battery or USB in. 1A max
Accelerometer MMA8452Q 3-axis accelerometer
LEDs Internal power LED
Rev 1: 3x RGB LED
Rev 2: 5x RGB LED (includes two behind buttons)
Buttons Power button
Function button
Housing Plastic shield to hold battery in place, and give better interface to the buttons
Extension Header Rev 1:
  1. GND
  2. GND
  3. I2CA_SDA
  4. I2CA_SCL
  5. I2CB_SDA
  6. I2CB_SCL
  7. UART RX
  8. UART TX
  9. 5V
  10. 5V
Rev 2:
  1. GND
  2. GND
  3. I2C_SDA
  4. I2C_SCL
  5. ESP IO14 / HS2_CLK/MTMS
  6. 3v3
  7. UART RX
  8. UART TX
  9. 5V
  10. 5V

A supplied cable can be used to connect the extension header to a Raspberry Pi single board computer. This connection is designed to provide power as well as a serial connection to the pi


Ric Rev2 Front Front of RIC, showing main connectors

Ric Rev2 Back Back of RIC, showing buttons, USB connector and LEDs

Ric Rev2 Underside Underside of RIC, showing i2c connectors for Marty's legs, speaker connector. Users can optionally solder a microSD card holder or WS2812/SK68XX compatible LED output

Ric Rev2 With Battery

RIC with battery installed. LEDs showing on and connected to a WiFi network

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