These articles are for Marty the Robot version 1

If you've received your Marty after 2020 it's likely you have a version 2!


On-Board Sensors

Rick has some integrated sensors that can be accessed through it’s API

MMA8452Q 3-axis, 12/8 bit accelerometer connected on the 1st I2C bus. By convention, the axes of the accelerometer are re-mapped in the API from their manufacturer assignments onto the standard robot frame of reference (x forward, y laterally left, z vertically up). These are marked on the PCB.
Motor Current (“Force”) Sensors
A 0.1 Ω 1206 resistor (Schematic ref. R7 to R14) is attached from the Servo low-side to ground, and then to a GPIO on U1 for all motor channels except channel 9 (used for the Eyes). This permits motor current sensing, as a proxy for exertion/force/torque.

Add-On Sensors

VCNL4200 Distance Sensor Add-on

VCNL4200 Distance Sensor Board

VCNL4200 Module Datasheet
I2C Address
5V input, logic 3V3 (not 5V tolerant)
Product Schematic
26mm × 13.5mm × 13mm (with connector)
Cable & Connector
Approx 22cm long, JST XH 5 pin (10mil spaced) on board to 2 × 3 female pin header

Task Runner