Marty Unplugged

This document shows you how to get started programming your Marty v2 with Unplugged Mode

What is Unplugged Mode?

Marty can be coded using cards which can be purchased from our store here. You will also need a colour sensor on your robot, which comes as standard with your Marty.

Using these coloured cards you can guide Marty through various challenges without even using a device! With a click of a button you can start coding with cards and without using a screen.

Who can use Unplugged Mode?

Marty unplugged is suitable for mixed ability learners and does not require any prior knowledge of programming. It is designed to be an accessible start to programming for children younger than 5 but can be used by people of all ages. Marty Unplugged gets children thinking about sequences and instructions which are valuable lessons for coding.

How do I enter Unplugged mode?

It's simply a case of pressing the power button, to turn on Marty, and then the 'A/MODE' button, next to the power button. You should hear a robotic sounding “unplugged” and that means Marty is in 'unplugged mode'; additionally, the power light will turn white for a few seconds.

Mode Button

How does it work?

Once in this mode, Marty will detect the color of the card below its foot (the colour sensor is the one that is lit up, usually attached to the left foot) and react to it according to the associated command with the colour e.g. Green = walk forwards. Be careful on deciding which surface to test this on, we've found wooden surfaces can sometimes get picked up by the colour sensor as yellow; this makes Marty walk backwards, so a white surface is best. Additionally, with younger learners, it is always best to have Marty on the floor, rather than a desk or table.

1. Ensure Marty is switched on. If not, press the power button to switch Marty on.

2. Turn Unplugged mode on by pressing “MODE” button.

Marty Unplugged 3. Simply set the titles down in your desired sequence and place Marty on the first tile to get Marty moving!

Marty Colour Cards

How do I turn Unplugged Mode off?

You can cancel unplugged mode by simply pressing the 'A/Mode' button, you will hear a buzz, buzz whistle confirming you are no longer in unplugged mode.

If your firmware is 1.1.8 or less then two quick presses of the 'A' button will turn off unplugged mode.

Task Runner