Updating Marty

Marty can be updated over USB from computer or Bluetooth (BLE) using our Android/iOS app.

We'll release updates periodically, which will enable new features on Marty or improve functionality.

Updating over USB

You can also update your Marty with our Web Updater here. This updater is faster than over Bluetooth so we would recommend using the web updater if you have lots of Marty's to update.

To update your Marty:

1. Connect Marty to your computer using a USB cable. Click the “Update Your Marty” button.

Connect To A Marty

2. Click the “Start Update” button

After you click you will see a pop-up saying this program “wants to connect to a serial port.” If one of the options says “CP2102N” or “USB Serial” then please select that one.

Marty Update 3. After making a selection please press “Connect”.

Marty Update   Usb4. The Marty update will begin and let you know when it's finished.

Marty Update   CompleteIf you don't see anything you may need to download an extra driver found here . You will need to download the CP210x Universal Windows Driver. Once the file has downloaded you will need to

1. Unzip/ Extract all the folder

2. Right click on the silabser.inf file and select Install

Cp210x Universal Windows Driver

3. Follow the instructions

Once this driver has been download you can plug your Marty in and you should be able to see CP2102N USB to UART Bridge Controller when you press Start Update

Updating over BLE

You will need the Marty App V2

Connect to your Marty and select the Configure button from the home screen then select the Check for Marty Software Updates button.

If your Marty is up to date, you will a message telling you that your Marty Software is up to date!

Otherwise, you will be given the option to update your Marty

App Update

Once you select update, the app will download the most recent Marty firmware, and then upload it to your Marty. This upload process starts at about 10% of the update, and may appear to go very slowly. The full update process may take 10 minutes, don't be worried if it looks like it's slow

After reaching 90%, your Marty will restart and begin running the new firmware. The app will check the update has been successful, and then begin running any additional updates - e.g. to servos or sensors. If updates are required this may also take a couple of minutes - be patient!

App Download

If all goes well, you'll see the message that all updates were successful! If something doesn't work, please run the update again

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