Distance Sensor

This page will help you get started with Marty's distance sensor add on using the python library. Before we get started, make sure you have python installed and have set up your distance sensor.

Step 1

Import martypy and establish connection to your Marty. Follow the code below to connect your Marty.

import martypy
# USB connection
# change "COM1" on this next line to specify the USB port you want to use
# comment this line out to use WiFi
my_marty = martypy.Marty("USB")

# WiFi connection
# uncomment this and change the IP address to your Marty's to use WiFi
# my_marty = martypy.Marty("wifi", "")

You should now be able to play with your distance sensor using the function below.

Let's Code!

The function get_distance_sensor() returns an integer of the distance of the closest object (in mm). Try this function using the code below:

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