These articles are for Marty the Robot version 1

If you've received your Marty after 2020 it's likely you have a version 2!

Scratch3 Beta

Scratch 3 brings better extension support, and a more modern experience that plays nicely with phones and tablets

Try out Scratch 3 with Marty now →

The Scratch 3 beta above works only with Marty v1, but it is a beta and will be rough around the edges!

Loading Scratch

To get started, open up the Scratch 3 interface in a web browser (Internet Explorer is not supported).

Click Try It and then open the extension using the + button bottom left. You’ll see the Marty extension come up, alongside a couple of others.

Open the Extensions Window

Loading the “Marty the Robot” extension

Click on the Marty the Robot extension to load it.

If you're using a command hub

Scratch will now scan your network for Martys and show a list of available robots.

Scanning for Martys…

Found a Marty!

Click Connect

Using your own WiFi

If you're using your own WiFi rather than a command hub, you will probably need to Connect Manually using Marty's IP address.

You can find this IP address using the Marty the Robot v1 app

Click the button, then simply enter the IP:

Manually Connect, showing example IP`

Once you're connected

Then, click the “Go to Editor” button

Connected to a Marty

You’ll see a bunch of Marty blocks have appeared at the bottom of the list - You can now use these blocks to program your Marty!

Using blocks

Try out Scratch 3 with Marty now →

Scratch is the easiest way to program your Marty. Before you start this, make sure you've been through the Getting Started guides.

If you're looking for lesson plans and loads more Scratch activities have a look at our educational resources!

Scratch 3 Interface for Marty V1

Getting Started with Scratch

Marty Scratch Ext

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