What to do if Calibration or Scratch can't find your Marty

These articles are for Marty the Robot version 1

If you've received your Marty after 2020 it's likely you have a version 2!

What to do if Calibration or Scratch can't find your Marty

We're continually working on making the Marty scanning tools more robust, but while we're doing that there are other ways to get your Marty connected

If you have done the WiFi setup, and Marty is connected to your WiFi (so there's no “Marty Setup” network any more), then here's a video showing how you can find Marty's IP address directly, and use that in calibration tool or Scratch.

If you haven't set up Marty's WiFi, or think the setup might not have worked correctly, please see this guide

How to Find Marty's IP Address

How to find Marty's IP Address

Quick overview

In case you don't like watching videos - here are the basics:

  1. Download an IP scanning tool like - we recommend Angry IP Scanner or Fing
  2. Click the preferences button Angry Ip Preferences, and set the Display settings to show “Alive hosts (responding to pings) only”
  3. Click the “Fetchers” button (next to the Start button) and add the “MAC Vendors” field to the list on the left, by clicking it on the right hand list and clicking the arrow that points left
  4. Click the Start button, and wait for the scan to finish. You'll get a list a bit like this
  5. Look for an entry with the MAC Vendor “Espressif” - that will most likely be a Marty! The number in the IP column of that row is Martys IP. In this case it's
    1. In Scratch, if the scanner doesn't find a Marty, a “Select Marty on IP:” block will appear at the bottom. Put the IP address you just found in there and double click it to select Marty
    2. In the Calibration tool, if the scanner doesn't find a Marty, it'll give you the option to add by IP. Enter the IP address you just found and click the add button

Hopefully that helps. We're working on making the scanner detect Marty automatically more reliably, but in the mean time you should still be able to use your Marty!

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