Building Marty

These articles are for Marty the Robot version 1

If you've received your Marty after 2020 it's likely you have a version 2!

We've put together this list of tips and tricks so that you can get the best possible experience with your Marty!

Building Marty

The Marty build can take up to two hours but with some teamwork, you can split the workload up. Arms, legs and the head can all be done individually - but be careful when building the legs to make sure you have a left //and// a right leg!

  • When tightening the nut around the charging socket on Marty's head, grab some pliers to help because this can sometimes be fiddly!
  • Make sure to bend Marty fully forwards or backward before tightening the cable ties in his head so that he can still walk without pulling on any cables
  • Screwing together the switch on Marty's head? Sometimes it can be easier to place the screws facing out of the head to keep space inside Marty's head for things like batteries and raspberry pi's
  • When fixing the arm onto the arm gear, make sure you don't attach too tightly so that Marty's arms can easily move

Internet Not Required

If you're using one of our handy command hubs in schools, you might see a message on your device telling you that you are not connected to the internet. Don't worry about it, everything you need to get start programming is on our command hub and is ready to go when you are!

Which Robot is Which?

If you have more than 2 robots it can quickly get confusing to remember who is who! Naming your Marty makes life a lot simpler when it comes to getting connected and programming. If you've purchased a pre-built pack then we will have put stickers on their head telling you which numbers to look out for or that robot's name!

Robot to Student Ratio

Not sure how many students to have per robot? We recommend around 2-4 students in each group but this will depend on the activity. Group sizes should be based on the number of roles available for the task. Creating a music video requires choreographers, editors, directors as well as designers for outfits and stages!

Any programming tips for beginners?

We're glad you asked! Programming can be difficult but with the help of our top programming tips, it's a breeze!

Marty v1 Tips

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