Warranty Service

What It Is

This section introduces users to our 2-year free warranty service. This service is designed to help with any hardware issues your robots might face. The software issues are covered too, no matter what.


One cool thing about our service is that it can automatically spot problems with the robots and create support tickets for you. But if you prefer, you can also create these tickets yourself.


Warranty Post Initial
Adding more robots

Mar 07 19:53

Already Have an Account? Here's How to Add More Robots: Connect to the new robot. The onboarding...

Warranty Role Selection

Mar 07 19:54

When you first connect to a robot that’s not yet registered, a screen will pop up to guide you through...

Warranty Issue Report
Support Tickets

Mar 07 19:55

If your robot has an issue, our system might automatically make a support ticket for you. But you can...

Warranty Dashboard Website
Warranty Service Platform Overview

Mar 07 19:56

In the warranty service platform, users have a comprehensive view and control over their robot registrations...

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