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Marty the Robot V2 App

Getting your Marty connected to the app

Marty v2 can currently only be used via a Bluetooth connection to a tablet/ phone. You will program Marty using either the inbuilt controller, MartyBlocks or MartyBlocks Jr which are also built into the app.

Step 1 1_2_.jpgDownload Marty the Robot V2 app to your tablet from here (for Apple Devices) or here (for Android Devices)
You must allow location permissions when installing!
Step 2 2_1_.jpgPut your battery in the head
It will only clip in 1 way, the eyes of the Robotical Logo should be looking at you.
Step 3 PrintWait for the green “on” light
Step 4 PrintOpen the app in your tablet, it will start scanning for Marty's automatically
Step 5 PrintSelect a Marty, the Marty at the top of the list should be the one that's closest to you.
Lights on the back of Martys head will come on. Do the 3 coloured lights shown in the app match the back of your Marty?
If there are multiple Martys in the room each will have different coloured lights.
If yours isn't the one you initially selected simply hit “no” and try one of the other ones.
Step 6 PrintYou can name your Marty using the “configure” section of the app.