Getting Started

1. Welcome!

2. What’s in the box?

3. Battery placement

4. Turning Marty On!

5. Updating Marty!

6. Unplugged

7. The App

8. Connecting to the App

9. Remote Controller

10. MartyBlocks Jr

11. MartyBlocks

12. Learning Portal

13. Support

Step 1

Over the next few screen, I'll introduce you to my features and how to get started.

What's in the box?

Putting the battery in


Step 3

Placing the battery

Switching Marty On & LED indicators

LED Indicators

Step 4

Switching Marty On

Upgrade Marty for an Enhanced Experience

To fully take advantage of Marty's capabilities, make sure you're running the latest version. Updating gives you immediate access to new features, as well as vital performance enhancements.

Choose from two simple ways to update:

  • Directly via our web-updater
  • Through the Tablet app on the configuration screen
Find out more on the Knowledge Base


Marty the Robot V2 Application

App Store Icon

Download the app from the App Store

Play Store Icon

Download the app from the Play Store

Web Browser Icon

Open the web app in your browser

Connecting to the App

Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled!

Remote Controller

MartyBlocks Jr


Learning Portal

Help & Support

Head to Knowledge Base for:

Email with any questions

We hope you enjoy your Marty!

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