CodeAssess is an innovative tool designed to help teachers track and monitor their students' progress in real-time. Integrated with Google Classroom and embedded in MartyBlocks, CodeAssess offers a comprehensive set of features for class management and student performance evaluation.


  • Embedded in MartyBlocks: Seamless integration with MartyBlocks for an intuitive user experience.
  • Google Classroom Login:
  • Class management actions (adding/removing classes or students) are exclusively handled in Google Classroom.
  • Class Overview:
    • Teacher View:
      • Display of class name, subject, and the number of enrolled students.
    • Student View:
      • Shows class name, subject, and a join/exit class button.
  • Students Overview:
    • Teacher View:
      • Quick View:
        • Lists student names, scores, and activity status.
      • Detailed View:
        • Shows latest assessment score for the current session.
        • Displays earned badges across all sessions.
        • Provides a performance history (requires a minimum of 5 sessions).
  • Class Announcements:
    • Teacher:
      • Capability to create and view text announcements with emoji feedback.
    • Student:
      • Receives and views announcements.
  • Badges:
    • Students earn badges for achieving specific scores in assessments.
    • Each badge star represents a different type of assessment within a subject.
    • Stars have three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, earned by achieving set scores.
    • Badges are visible in the student overview and are presented as gamified pop-ups when earned.
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