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Marty will not walk properly

In most cases robots are designed to do very specific things. Some robots can cut your grass and others can wash your clothes, but you wouldn't want either of these robots to try the other ones job! The truth is, robots operate under strict parameters and Marty is no different.

In Marty's case he is designed to be used on a flat level surface like a table or play mat. Marty will struggle when it comes to steep elevation or rough terrain however this isn't a Marty problem! Even the worlds most expensive and advanced humanoid robots struggle with difficult walking environments. Check out some funny clips here of robots falling over!

This is why Marty may struggle with walking on things like thick carpet and slopes.

If you think you're brave enough, why don't you have a think about what would make Marty better at tackling different environments and surfaces. Maybe stickier feet might help him on slopes, maybe flatter feet might help him walk on carpets or even snow! Be inventive and let us know how you get on!