Battery Charging Hub

Our Battery Charging Hub comes with all our class packs that can be found on our shop. This charger will allow you to charge 5 Marty batteries at once.

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The set up for the Battery Charging Hub is straight forward. All you need to do is select your wall socket adapter and clip it into the power brick. The adapters we currently offer are for UK, US, EU and AU.

Once the adapter is on we can plug the power brick into the the charging dock. Adding the batteries is simple and they should just slot in, it is important to note that the eyes on the battery should face towards the end where the power brick is plugged in like the image below. The batteries should sit perfectly in the Charging Hub.

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While charging, the Battery Charging Hub LEDs will flash blue to indicate the battery is successfully charging and will go solid green when once fully charged. If your charger is displaying a solid red LED this can mean two things. Firstly it could mean that your batteries are at a critically low level and will need a couple minutes of charging before flashing blue (you will need to restart the charger by turning it on and off again), secondly it could mean your batteries are faulty- if your batteries are still solid red after a couple of minutes please contact us at

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