3D Printing Files

Please download these files in either a STEP or STL format.

  • A STEP File is an easy to read 3D object file that will allow you to open the 3D CAD model and manipulate or customize it freely. Just remember to export the finished part as an STL file in order to have it in the correct format to print from.
  • An STL file is the file type needed for 3D printer slicing software to understand how to print the 3D object. An STL file can be opened in your 3D printer slicing software and then uploaded to a 3D printer for printing.

Standard Marty Parts:

Special Marty Parts:

Part Image STEP File STL File
Marty Ball Throwing Hand throwing_hand_image.jpg Marty Ball Throwing Hand - STEP Marty Ball Throwing Hand - STL
Marty LEGO Compatible Top Plate lego_top_plate_image.jpg Marty LEGO Compatible Top Plate - STEP Marty LEGO Compatible Top Plate - STL
Frankenstein Head Top Plate - Halloween screenshot_2023-05-29_142253.jpg Frankenstein Head - STEP Frankenstein Head - STL
Pumpkin Face - Halloween screenshot_2023-05-29_142233.jpg Pumpkin Face - STEP Pumpkin Face - STL
Marty Cup Marty Cup - STEP Marty Cup - STL