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Welcome to the Robotical knowledge base! These pages will help you get the most out of your Marty

Marty Images

Intro to Marty Behavior

Buttons and LEDs



How to turn Marty on/off

Turn Marty ON: a short press on the “Power Button” will turn your Marty on.

Turn Marty OFF: Hold the “Power Button” until the “Power LED” begins to flash, then stop holding the “Power Button” to complete the power down progress.

Unplugged Mode

Activate Unplugged Mode: a single press on the “A Button” will activate Marty's Unplugged coding function, you will hear “unplugged”. Marty will begin searching for the screen free coloured cards immediately after activation using his Foot mounted colour sensor.

Turn Unplugged Mode OFF: a single press on the “A Button” will deactivate the Unplugged coding, you will hear a bell whistle noise.

Renaming your Marty

If you wish to rename your Marty, you can do this from within the Marty the Robot App. Please watch the video below to see the step by step process for updating your Marty's name.

Updating your Marty's Calibration

If your Marty is walking funny, or his arms are all mixed up, then you can recalibrate your robot by following the below process within the Marty the Robot App.