Release Notes

Marty Firmware

Firmware Version Details
1.0.20 Stability improvements for Python support over WiFi
1.0.14 Adds WiFi and Python support
0.0.124 Enables screen free coding on Marty (with colour sensor)
Changes what the “A” button on Marty does - (screen free / short demo / long demo)
Enables the add-on ports on the front of RIC

Marty App

Version Details
1.3.1 Adds Disco Marty LED blocks to scratch
Improvements to WiFi connection process
1.3.0 Adds ability to configure the WiFi connection
Slight improvements to how addons are listed
1.2.0 Added ability to code without connecting to Marty
Added autosave in Scratch
Added battery and signal strength indicator in scratch
Improvements to loading and saving interface
Better scratch display on small screens
More details here: app_v1.2.0_release_notes.pdf
1.1.2 Change to ensure add-on compatibility with firmware version 0.0.124 onwards, otherwise device type IDs will fail to be recognised.
The app now passes add-on device type IDs to scratch, allowing it to fall back to a correct sensor type even if the names are not as expected.
Updates to scratch build to use device Type IDs if sensor names have not been given.
Minor changes to provide “loading” feedback to user while connecting to Marty (after “Yes” button clicked during verification), and while loading add-on list

Addon Firmware

Details will be added as releases are made