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This document will show you how to use the app to find out the status of Marty's WiFi connection and connect your Marty to a WiFi network.

Connecting Marty to your WiFi will let you program Marty in Python.

WiFi support for Marty was released on the 20th of December 2020, you may need to update your Marty and the app on your device for this to work.

About Marty's WiFi

There are a few important things to note:

  • So long as you stay on the same network, Marty will remember a WiFi connection, you don't need to connect every time.
  • The app cannot communicate with Marty over WiFi, only over Bluetooth. However, the WiFi connection is needed to control Marty from Python from a computer.
  • You can only use Bluetooth and wifi one at a time, not both at the same time. When Marty is connected to bluetooth, the WiFi connection pauses and resumes when you disconnect from bluetooth.
  • WiFi support was introduced in Marty firmware v1.0.14. Check that your Marty is up to date!

Connection LED

A white LED shows when Marty is connected to WiFi, and bluetooth is disconnected. If you then reconnect to bluetooth, the light will turn blue.

Connecting to WiFi

Marty's WiFi connection is managed using the Marty the Robot v2 App, which is available for Android and iOS


1. Connect to your Marty over bluetooth, and then select the “Configure” button.
2. The configuration screen will show the status of the WiFi connection. Click 'Connect' to proceed

android_home_screen.jpg android_config_screen_not_connected.jpg

3. You will see a list of WiFi networks
4. Select the network you wish to connect to, and click “Continue”

android_wifi_list.jpg android_wifi_list_selected.jpg

5. Enter the WiFi network password and select “Continue” 6. You will see a message that Marty is connecting to your WiFi network

android_wifi_password.jpg android_wifi_connecting.jpg

On successful connection
When the connection is made, Marty will then temporarily pause WiFi until you disconnect from bluetooth

android_wifi_pausing.jpg android_wifi_connected.jpg

If the connection is unsuccessful
If Marty can't connect, you'll see this screen after about 30 seconds. Please try again, and check

You can select to either try again with a new password, or select a different network


Connection Status

The Configuration screen will show you the state of Marty's WiFi connection.

Once your Marty is set up over WiFi you need to check your Marty's IP address. An IP address is a number that is unique to each Marty and will look something like This can be found in the app on the configure page once you have connected to WiFi (see below).

Take note of your IP address (ours is circled in red) and disconnect your Marty from bluetooth using the disconnect button on the main page of the mobile app (see below).

It is important that the 2 LEDs on the back of your Marty are white. If it is blue that means your Marty is still connected to bluetooth and won't connect to scratch 3.0.

If your Marty is displaying a solid white LED that means we are good to go.