Scratch 3 Web Application

Our Scratch 3 Web App is a custom build website specifically designed for using Marty v2. It works the exact same way as Scratch does on our mobile app except you can use it on a laptop or desktop.


Unlike Scratch 3 in the Marty v2 mobile app (which connects to the robot via Bluetooth), connecting to Scratch 3 in your internet browser has to be done over a WiFi connection. To set up your Marty v2 on your WiFi network please follow the WiFi User Guide found here: WiFi

Set Up

Connecting Scratch 3 to your Marty v2

1. Load Scratch 3 for Marty on your internet browser

2. Click connect and configure tab.

3. Enter the IP address you noted down earlier and click connect.

If your Marty successfully connects then you should see a list of the current sensors attached.

Test your Marty by running some simple code. For example check your connection by getting Marty to Dance (as shown below).

For more information on how to use scratch please visit here: