Getting Started

Welcome to the Marty family!

This page is a getting started guide for V1 Marty users, if you have a V2 Marty click here.

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Edu & Class packs


Edu pack Quick Start videos

Got a Command Hub? Watch these videos to get started quickly!

Robot Pre-built SetUp Guide

Download our assembled-guide.pdf

Robot Kit Setup Guide

Download our kit-guide.pdf

First Time Setup

This online build guide has loads more detail, and videos to show you exactly how to build your Marty.

Skip this if your Marty is already built!

There are two ways to connect to Marty - connecting him to your WiFI network, or using direct connect to control him without external WiFi.

If you got an assembled education set, your Martys should already be set up!

Walking is tricky. Make sure your Marty's joints are in alignment to get the best balance possible!

You can skip this if you bought an assembled Marty

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